VITALI International Lifting Equipment Ltd.

VITALI International Lifting Equipment Ltd was found in 2001. VITALI-INTL Lifting Equipment Ltd, is located in Hangzhou, China. VITALI-INTL is registered trademark. Vitali registered the trademark in China, Hong Kong and some overseas countries.

There are several Chinese companies using similar company name/logo to disguise our company. We would like to clarify those companies are not related to our company.

Company is 100% owned by Hong Kong people. Our philosophy of management and quality control are based on European and American standards. One of the most advanced manual hoist factories in Asia. We produce top quality manual hoists. Products are mainly exported to American and European markets. The heat treatment and load chain production are the most critical production processes. Those processes rely on experience staff and advance equipment. It is not reply on any outsourcing factories. Regarding quality control, Vitali has equipped with advance scientific testing instruments, say chemical determinator, metallographic microscope, measuring projector, salt spray tester, endurance test machine and destruction test machine up to 100 tonnes ...... etc.


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